DriverB, the Perfect Chauffeur Service, How It Works, Why You Need It

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DriverB, the Perfect Chauffeur Service, How It Works, Why You Need It

According to the New South Wales Centre for Road Safety, Drink driving is a factor in about one in every seven crashes in NSW where someone loses their life.

Alcohol effects are impossible to avoid and have an enormous effect on the safety of yourself and others. After a night out, there is a huge chance you will still have alcohol in your system for a large part of the next day.

There is a considerable range of effects alcohol has on your body, let’s take a look at a few of these below.

  • Can severely increase your risk of falling asleep at the wheel through feeling drowsy
  • Considerably affects your ability to balance, which constitutes enormous risks if, for instance, you may be driving a motorcycle
  • It creates difficulty in multi-tasking. When you have consumed alcohol it can make you less likely to concentrate, for instance, seeing pedestrians, other vehicles entering from side streets, overlooking traffic light signals and the ability to steer.
  • Your judging ability is also severely impaired as alcohol reduces activities such as keeping a safe distance from other cars, objects or even people.
  • Can severely increase your risk of falling asleep at the wheel through feeling drowsy

Everyone knows how one drink can lead to two, three or more, your evening starts to hot up and you’ve forgotten all about your car! Combining alcohol with your activities is one of the important car decisions you have to make, but it’s not the only time you need to dovetail your car requirements with your travel and other arrangements.

Let’s take a look below at the kind of situations including nights out, celebrations and other times you need to consider your car with regards to your activities.

When Do I Need to Think About My Car?

A chauffeur service can drive you wherever you want whenever you want. Thats is really convinient.

  • Your friends have called you unexpectedly whilst you are at the office for drinks after work
  • You are out of town at a sales meeting and need to get back to your hotel room
  • You may have been invited to a special celebration such as a wedding and have to get from your hotel to the reception
  • You are putting on a conference and have delegates to ferry from an awards night back to the conference centre
  • You have been unexpectedly injured such as twisting your ankle, sprained your wrist or any other type of injury and need to organize your car journey either home, to the hospital or any other destination

Now we’ve seen some of the likely situations you may find yourself or your employees in when you might need to find a safe, comfortable and speedy way to travel to your destination when you are not able to drive your own car. Let’s look at a simple way to solve your travel challenges, making sure you and your employees are taken care of in an affordable, professional way.

Plan B by DriverB
‘Here at DriverB, we can provide you, your customers and employees with an outstanding professional chauffeur service when you’re not able to drive your own car.’
How Does It Work?

We can simply send a professional designated driver who will be personally at your service when you may find yourself over the alcohol limit, or other situations when you are not safe to drive.

Sit back, relax and let a professional take the wheel while you enjoy the luxury of a personal chauffeur in the comfort of your own car.

We will guarantee that you and your car arrive safely at your destination in good time, for an affordable fee.

'If you’ve been using ride-shares, or taxis, find out how you can benefit from having your own affordable, personal chauffeur personalized directly to you.’

Now we’ve looked at the ways in which you can easily solve your travel challenge yes when you are unsafe to drive, let’s take a closer look below at how you can get started in next articles ...

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