Terms and Conditions


DriverB is a trading name of Intelligent Solution PTY LTD registered in NSW, Australia ABN number: 16624780847. DriverB is Chauffeur hire services with running a trial community service to help reducing road tolls in NSW. Our aim is to keep the roads safer by providing private Chauffeur for car owners when they are not able to drive their car for any reasons and the third party driver gets them, other passengers and their car home safely at the comfort of their own car.
Car Owners will provide the car and its their responsibilities to ensure Third Party and Comprehensive Insurance, Registration, Road safety is up to dated and there is enough fuel for completing the trip. Any risks and issues arise related to this issues will not be covered by DriverB and their employees.

General Terms

At the time of booking, the pick up location is where Client meets the Designated Driver unless it’s been discussed and confirmed in advance.
The estimated cost is calculated based on the distance and the time, this might be vary due to the traffics, road works, weather condition, initial route changes or unexpected events.
We encourage the Clients to book in advance to ensure the service availability, first in first served!
At the time of booking, you may see the available Chauffeurs on the map but it’s not limited to the service availability, contact us for any enquiries enquiry@driverb.com.au
We respect your privacy and the information we collect in regard to your use of the service is retained for the exclusive use of DriverB Service. We need this information in order to provide you with the service; and to refer to for future bookings in order to assist with the timely booking process.


We accept all the major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, the credit card details can be saved with your registration info at the time of booking/sing up.
Credit or charge card details entered via our website are securely stored on a third party server - namely Stripe, our employees and subcontractors do not have any access to these details, nor are they accessible in the unlikely event that security on or access to our website was compromised.
A Tax invoice will be emailed immediately after the booking is completed and carry the full breakdown of the fare includes GST component.

Refund Policy

All payments for Services are non-refundable and there are no refunds or credits for unused or partially used Services or Service cancellations.


The estimated fate will show on the screen at the time of booking and it is calculated based on distance and time, the pricing guide for normal cars are as below:
Base fare = $30
Distance (Normal days) = $3 per km
25Dec-10Jan Surcharge = 50%
Night rate surcharge of 30% applies to all bookings between 10:00pm to 6:00am.
10% tax apply on the price
Professional Chauffeurs are also available for hire in an hourly basis, short/long term contract, to find out more contact us on 1300718070 or email enquiry@driverb.com.au with your enquiry.

Cancellations & Changes

All changes can be made through booking page in the app/website or by calling DriverB on 1300718070. The cancelation fee may applies if the booking is canceled 2 hour or earlier than the pickup time. No Refund/Full charge on No-Show.

Crash / Accident Liability

All incidents involving personal injury and/or serious damage to vehicle or third party property should be reported to the appropriate Authorities at the time of the incidents. Chauffeurs are expected to notify DriverB at their earliest opportunity by calling 1300 718070 or email to info@driverb.com.au
  • DriverB Chauffeur at Fault

  • DriverB Chauffeur will pay the customer’s insurance policy excess up to the value of $1,500 or pay a reasonable amount for minor damages, direct to an accredited repairer up to $1,500. Intelligent Solutions Pty Ltd may involve services of an independent and qualified Motor Loss Assessor in determining such repair costs at its own discretion. 
  • Third Party at Fault

  • Claims are made on Client’s insurance policy against the third party. DriverB or its drivers will not be liable for any repair/ replacement costs.
  • Uninsured Vehicles

  • DriverB or its drivers will not be liable for any repair/ replacement costs.
  • Limitations

  • All journeys and changes to routes must be recorded in DriverB Booking System and booking acknowledgements are advised to clients (through formal communications channels) in order to be covered by DriverB insurance policy.


Client must allow DriverB Chauffeur to seek emergency medical care in the event client or other passenger is injured or become ill during the trip. Client must agree DriverB Chauffeur can leave the vehicle locked and parked in the hospital or emergency care parking space in the event of an emergency; keys will be retained by DriverB and released to Client or authorised person.


  • Vehicle Compliance and Insurance

  • All the vehicles booked for through DriverB platform is subject to fully compliant with the state government registration, roadworthy and insurance related legislation and must be have full comprehensive insurance.
  • Type of cars

  • We cover our services for vehicles and motorcycles up to 4.5 tonnes. Our Chauffeurs are able to drive cars, utilities, vans, some light trucks, car-based motor tricycles, motorcycles, tractors and implements such as graders, vehicles that seat up to 12 adults, including the driver. This is not limited but that includes: Sedan, MPV, SUV, Crossover, Coupe, Convertible and more. You may find 3 categories for at the time of booking: Auto/Manual Cars: these are the normal passenger cars of any types mentioned above. Supercars: these are high-performance street-legal sports cars which could also be referred as hyper-cars or exotic-cars. These cars may required special driving skills and might be differentiated with the normal cars in terms of operation. You can send us a note to find out the category that your car belongs to.
  • Parking and Tolls

  • Clients are responsible for payment of any parking and road toll charges. So please make sure all the payments for these purposes are already arranged. Moving traffic violations Designated Driver is responsible for payment of any moving traffic violations, we record all the liabilities from the time your car is handed to our designated driver till the time it’s been parked safely in your nominated spot.
  • In case of breakdown and problems with the car

  • If the car breaks down and can’t be driven for any reason, DriverB can arrange the Road Side Assistant, but all the expenses should be payable by car owner. There might be some additional cost due to timing and occurring circumstances.

Chauffeurs Code of Conduct

The Chauffeurs at DriverB are carefully selected and they are expected with the high customer service ethic, clean driving history with verified background check. They are highly trained to handle all types of cars, direction expert, professional and trustworthy. Our carefully selected drivers should go through the rigorous screening process with holding impeccable records and above- average driving skills. This is essential in order for them would appreciate the client’s car and respect their value. The Chauffeurs are respectful of the privacy of clients and covenant not to discuss the personal information or any matters in relation to clients personal behaviour that may see; this is not including any concerns or misgivings regarding the personal safety related to or lawfulness of activities witnessed which may be divulged to DriverB management and / or the relevant authorities.

Clients Code of Conduct

Driving your car while you are in your vehicle is full responsibility of DriverB’s Chauffeurs and they are legally in charge of your vehicle, they are responsible for your safety and other passengers present as well as the other road users.
You and all passengers must respect and assist DriverB’s Chauffeur with any requests to ensure compliance with road rules and legislative regulations in the state or territory in which the service is provided. Your safety and comfort is the major concern of DriverB’s Chauffeur and You are expected to exercise common etiquette towards DriverB’s Chauffeur.
Do’s & Don’ts
  • All passengers must wear seatbelt
  • No alcohol is to be consumed inside the vehicle
  • No smoking inside the vehicle
  • Any music playing excessively loud may be distractive and put everyone in danger
  • Children must be restrained in approved safety restrains according to the state or territory regulation
  • Pets should be carried in the rear section of the vehicle in an appropriate restraint or carrier
  • Refrain from using foul language or from any physical contact with DriverB’s Chauffeur
  • DriverB’s Chauffeurs are not authorised to carry unsupervised minors
  • Passengers are prohibited from extending any limbs or items outside of the vehicle
  • Failure to comply with our mutual code of conduct may result in access to services being denied.
  • Should DriverB determine either safety or dignity of their partners has been or is under threat or even being compromised by misconduct of Client or passengers, they reserve the right to decline a service or terminate any upcoming service without recourse to them or partners.
  • If in any cases misconduct or poor behaviour by DriverB Chauffeur or partners is determined by Clients, the matter should be brought to the DriverB management and the concerns related to their personal safety or dignity should reported immediately.
  • Clients are respectfully asked to be aware of the legal ramifications of requesting resonate driving services directly from DriverB’s Chauffeurs in order to maintain the integrity of the service and to ensure legal compliance. We also request all our clients report any DriverB Chauffeur suggesting these arrangements to DriverB management by calling on 1300718070 to email report@driverb.com.au.

Feedback and Rating

At the end of each booking your are invited to submit comments and rate the service and DriverB Chauffeur. This will help us to improve our service and find out more about our partners. By submitting any feedback, you agree that your disclosure is gratuitous, unsolicited and without restriction and will not place DriverB under any fiduciary or other obligation, and that we are free to use the feedback without any additional compensation to you, and/or to disclose the feedback on a non-confidential basis or otherwise to anyone. Your further acknowledge that, by acceptance of your submission, DriverB doesn’t waive any rights to use similar or related ideas previously known to DriverB, or developed by its employees, or obtained from sources other than you.
  • Getting You Home Safe

  • DriverB platform offer safe travel of you and your vehicle up to back of your door, however you can request for any destination as for drop off you and your vehicle but drop off location cannot be changed after the booking is confirmed.
  • Acknowledgement

  • I hereby allowed the drivers of DriverB (Trading name of Intelligent Solutions PTY LTD) to drive my car.
    Once I have arrived at the agreed destination and the service is completed without any issues within 1 hour after the service. I hereby declared that the service of DriverB have been successfully completed without any fail.
    I hereby received and read the terms and condition of DriverB and accept the accuracy of its application. I acknowledge that the above clause is true and correct, as a result of DriverB driver’s negligence action the cost of losses and claims will follow the liability regulation of insurance of the car.